Congo Natty - 'Jungle Revolution in Dub' Remix Album

Congo Natty has drawn on dub-soldiers new and old, UK-based and beyond, for this project, Jungle Revolution in Dub, a dub reworking on his 2013 album Jungle Revolution, which is due for release on 13 November this year.

He signals its arrival with a new video produced by Lemonade Money for the DJ Madd remix of Revolution. Pre-order from Big Dada / iTunes / Bandcamp

Digidub legends Dubkasm and the one and only Adrian Sherwood rub shoulders with Glasgow’s Mungos HiFi and Hungary’s DJ Madd, with the likes of Conscious Sounds, Vibronics and Jinx in Dub all bringing their own unique flavours. Meanwhile bass music stalwarts like King Yoof and Sukh Knight sit alongside a new generation of dubstronauts, Hylu & Jago taking their place with the scions of UK dub royalty, Joe Ariwa (Mad Professor’s son) and Young Warrior (Jah Shaka’s son!).

Ryan Warner, Lemonade Money:

"We wanted to create a video that elaborated on the video we did for the original revolution track. This time we wanted to ensure that we weren't just cutting a video together for the sake of it and ultimately creating something with political and spiritual meaning. This time our intentions where to bring it up to date with the stories we chose to involve in the video, the current relationship between the public and the police force in America is very sensitive, a lot of trust has been lost especially within the black communities.

However the solidarity between communities of all race has been inspiring and that's something I also wanted to show. The voices are very much louder than ever. To really have a basis on this video I tried to suggest that although what you are seeing on your TV sets and on the web tells you certain stories, only you are responsible for the changes you want to see and that starts with you, and not what your influenced by what you see on TV. Gil Scott heron summed it up perfectly in the beginning of the video.

I wanted to try and demonstrate that in an almost contradicting way, the fact that we've created a video based on a revolutionary moment we're experiencing, the real issues are still out there once the videos over and people still need to think independently about them. And that said this video was an example of standing up for what you believe in, for what's right whatever the cause. The real revolution will never be televised."

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