Max Graef & Glenn Astro - 'The Yard Work Simulator' Out Now

Max Graef and Glenn Astro unleash their debut LP on Ninja Tune, The Yard Work Simulator is out now on LP, CD and digitally - Ninjashop / Download / Stream

Max and Glenn’s approach to the making of The Yard Work Simulator was atypical. “We wanted to make a dance record without the obvious components,” explains Max. “It was kind of a concept album where the tracklisting existed before we produced any music. We had a list of directions and sounds for each track name and we worked through track by track. Most of the sounds and instruments are recorded and not sampled. We worked out the harmonies, themes and chord progressions very carefully.”

Sonically and ideologically off to the left of the pristine, highly-polished dance music underground, Max and Glenn have built their reputation on short-run vinyl-only 12”s, real grass roots independent record store excitement/support, turning dancefloors on their head week in week out, and pure word of mouth. It has been solely about the music from the beginning and with The Yard Work Simulator the duo are set to spread their message even further.

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