New Album - 'Back On Time'
9 Jan (EU) / 24 Jan (NA) 2012 — Pre-Order now!

Plug - 'Back On Time'

The new album & a lost classic from Plug, aka electronic icon Luke Vibert, 'Back On Time' is a collection of unreleased eccentric d'n'b tracks recorded over 15 years ago. Released on Ninja Tune on 9th January 2012 (24th January in N.America), it follows the highly-acclaimed Plug album from 1996, 'Drum 'n' Bass for Papa' which was originally released by Blue Planet Recordings.

Sounding brand new as well as being an uncovered gem, 'Back On Time' is a release that anybody interested in the progression of dance music should be very curious to hear and enjoy. Pre-orders are being taken now on the Ninjashop.

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