Kate Tempest - Announces Novel 'The Bricks that Built the Houses'

It gets into your bones. You don't even realise it, until you're driving through it, watching all the things you've always known and leaving them behind.

Fresh off the back of a summer of festivals, Kate Tempest has announced her new novel, The Bricks that Built the Houses, due for release via Bloomsbury in April of next year.

It follows the same characters - Becky, Harry and Leon - depicted in her debut solo and Mercury Prize-nominated album, Everybody Down released via Big Dada in 2014. Make sure you pre-order your copy on Amazon.

Young Londoners Becky, Harry and Leon are leaving the city in a fourth-hand Ford Cortina with a suitcase full of stolen money. Moving back in time – and into the heart of London – The Bricks that Built the Houses explores a cross-section of contemporary urban life with a powerful moral microscope, giving us intimate stories of hidden lives, and showing us that good intentions don’t always lead to the right decisions.

Taking us into the homes and hearts of ordinary people, their families and their communities, Kate Tempest exposes moments of beauty, disappointment, ambition and failure. Wise but never cynical, driven by empathy and ethics, The Bricks that Built the Houses questions how we live with and love one another.

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