David August (Counter Records) Announces String of Curated DJ Dates

David August has premiered part two from his new release with Ouvert and also announces a run of curated DJ dates which will see him play alongside artists including Leon Vynehall, Axel Boman, Gerd Janson, Pional, Robag Wruhme, Alex.Do and Acid Pauli.

August says of the tour: "The further you go, the more you have to adapt the circumstances to your vision somehow. I am really thankful for having the opportunity to invite DJ’s I respect to share such an experience with. The reason we went for a DJ TOUR is that I personally don't think the club is the best place for live music. I'd rather be in a theater or at a festival with a band playing instruments to present an honest live show. So instead I will be staying true to the club environment and DJ’ing, but still playing mostly my own music”

DJ Dates:

15/04 Arenile – Naples - Italy | Acid Pauli, David August
22/04 Lux – Lisbon – Portugal | Axel Boman, Leon Vynehall, Pional, Kaseta vs Assam, David August
23/04 Zukunft – Zurich - Switzerland | Damiano Von Erckert, David August
28/04 The Block - Tel Aviv - Israel | Alex.Do, Gerd Janson, Paquita Gordon, David August
29/04 IPSE – Berlin - Germany | Assam vs Kaseta, David August
01/05 Mondo – Madrid - Spain | Pional, David August
04/05 Dudok – Tilburg - Netherlands | Axel Boman, Paquita Gordon, David August
05/05 De Marktkantine – Amsterdam - Netherlands | Damiano von Erckert, Paquita Gordon, David August
06/05 R2 Rooftop – Marseille - France | Robag Wruhme, Piu’Piu’, David August
15/05 Übel & Gefährlich – Hamburg - Germany | Leon Vynehall, Momo, David August
20/05 Troyka Multispace – Moscow - Russia | D-Pulse, Massimiliano Pagliara, David August
21/05 Minival – Aberdeen - Scotland | Gerd Janson, Paquita Gordon, David August
26/05 Jaeger – Oslo - Norway | Lil Tony, David August

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